Healthcare System Finds $600,000 Prescription for Healthier Roofs

RAM USA Healthcare Roof Project

Facility Background

A large mid-west healthcare system with 14 hospital campuses and 100+ medical and research buildings was growing tired of reactionary and costly roofing programs. Prior to rolling out an overall roof asset management plan, the client solicited bids for consulting design, installation and project management for roof replacements at four hospitals. RAM won all four bids.

Patent Pending Diagnostics Reveal True Roof Condition

One of the projects at an 80,000 sf campus had an approved budget of $600,000 to replace a roof based upon a roof material manufacturer’s age-based recommendations. RAM’s field survey team and aerial infrared team’s patent pending moisture analysis process identified that this roof had only 20% light moisture saturation (see blue arrow) and could last 3-4 more years with merely minor repairs before being replaced. Additionally, the repair budget was only half of what the true replacement costs. RAM notified the client and the roof replacement project was cancelled. The client gained the confidence and time to allocate funds based upon true need. The original budget was reallocated across the campus for other projects.

RAM USA Healthcare Roof Project

Asset Management Roadmap for Roofs and Walls

Many of the client’s buildings date back to 1935 with varying additions and roof sections. Their exterior masonry walls were in fair to poor condition and contributing to wide-spread leaks. After RAM’s initial success, RAM was then hired to provide condition assessments and aerial infrared moisture scans across all 37 roof sections and wall systems. This created an overall roof and wall asset management plan complete with 5-year severity rankings, life cycle analysis and budgeting information was rolled out across all 37 roof sections. This objective information now guides their capital and maintenance project planning efforts.