RAM Aerial Infrared Keeps $2,400,000 out of the Landfill

RAM USA Consumer Roof System Project


A consumer Company had their hands full with an abundance of issues with their 1.4 million square foot roof. The roof was a failed TPO with exposed scrim and has 5 different roof sections. The roof was reported to be leaking in various areas. They were advised that a costly, $5-6 million roof tear off was necessary. After learning from the Environmental Protection Agency that 10% of the waste in the United States is from roofing, they wanted a second opinion.

RAM USA Consumer Roof System Project


RAM USA was retained to perform a Diagnostic Aerial Infrared Scan, Roof Survey, Design and Construction Management Services to assess the condition of the existing roof system. A Visual Roof Survey determined that the roof system has failed. The aerial infrared determined that less than 1% of the roof insulation was wet and that only the roof membrane was failed. The insulation was good and could be utilized in the new roof system, it was then warrantied with the new roof membrane in the Full System Warranty that RAM issued.


RAM USA’s Assessment revealed that less than 1% of insulation was wet as well as roof sections thought to require replacement were only in need of a reskin. They were able to keep 674,625 lbs. of waste out of the landfill. The roof membrane replacement was half of the estimated replacement cost. The Aerial Infrared Scan revealed savings of $2.5 million (17,857% return on investment).