Roof Asset Management Program Empowers School District

RAM USA Schools Roof Asset Management Program


The school district wasn’t confident that it had a good grasp of the true conditions of its roofs. They were also looking to develop a plan on how to handle and maintain its roofs moving forward. The district’s 18 buildings roofs total approximately 1,067,000 sf. 12 of the buildings are utilizing Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC/OFCC) funds for maintenance activities, while 6 are not.

RAM USA Schools Roof Asset Management Program


RAM USA began implementing a comprehensive Condition Based Roof Asset Management Program. It started with a Diagnostic Aerial Infrared Scan to pinpoint anomalous conditions and hidden moisture in the roofs. Next, Visual Roof Surveys were performed, in which RAM’s Registered Roof Consultants (RRCs) did complete physical assessments of each roof. RAM USA Schools Roof Asset Management Program The information and photos collected were compiled into a detailed report. Finally, the analysis of all findings allowed RAM USA to deliver an independent, comprehensive plan that provided objective options, recommendations, and budgets, to empower the school district to make fiscally responsible decisions.


Only four of the eighteen buildings showed evidence of significant moisture anomalies. Overall, the Aerial Infrared Roof Moisture Scans and the Visual Roof Surveys indicated that the various roof systems on most of the buildings were in fair condition, and have the ability to provide additional service life. In many cases, the roof systems could be expected to provide 8-10 years or more of additional service life.

RAM USA Schools Roof Asset Management Program

RAM USA Schools Roof Asset Management Program A “5-Year Financial Summary (By Building)” was developed which outlined construction estimates for each building’s needs whether it be roof replacement, repair, restoration, or maintenance for years 2014 through 2018. RAM prioritized the recommended roof replacement work over the next five years described in a “5-Year Prioritized Roof Replacement Schedule”, and a breakdown of the roof replacement costs for each year were provided in the “5-Year Roof Replacement Construction Estimate Ranges” document. The final piece to the program was a 5-Year Roof Maintenance Plan, in which RAM USA would perform routine maintenance, minor repairs, and oversee the health of the roofs keeping them on the path outlined in the Roof Asset Management Program.