Roof Diagnostics Empowers Realty Group to Save $793,000

RAM USA Realty Group Roof Project


A Midwest Realty Group was preparing two of their buildings for future sale. Their due diligence included ensuring that the buildings’ roofs were in good shape and water tight. They went so far as to commission an infrared survey, but it was performed by a tech who lacked roofing experience. The results led to a contractor stating that both roofs needed to be replaced, at a cost of $1,400,000. The Realty Group wanted to be sure this was really the case, before making such a capital expenditure, and called upon RAM USA.

RAM USA Realty Group Roof Project


RAM USA performed a Diagnostic Aerial Infrared Scan to pinpoint anomalous conditions and hidden moisture in the roofs. Next, they executed Visual Roof Surveys, in which RAM’s Registered Roof Consultants (RRCs) did a complete physical assessment. This included systematically verifying the findings of the Aerial Infrared Scan. Analysis of the findings allowed RAM to deliver an independent, objective, and comprehensive roof condition baseline assessment. This report provided objective options, recommendations, and budgets, empowering the Realty Group to make fiscally responsible decisions.


RAM’s Assessment revealed that both roofs did not need to be replaced. Actually, none of the buildings’ 6 roof sections had reached the end of their useful service life. RAM recommended Roof Restoration for all 6 sections, at a much lower cost. RAM developed a “5-Year Financial Summary” outlining a complete Roof Asset Management Program. RAM USA submitted a Proposal for $600,000, to bring the roofs back to a water tight condition. RAM USA Realty Group Roof Project Including $7,000 (the Assessment cost), the Realty Group would experience a savings of $793,000. Basically, utilizing less than 1% of the original proposed replacement cost of $1,400,000, their total expenditure could be reduced by 57%.

RAM USA Realty Group Roof Project