Roofing System Performance

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Manufacturer Tightens Roofing System Performance

The 400,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility had a vintage 1974 gypsum deck and built-up roofing system. Its poor performance was impacting production, quality, energy and safety. The client needed an objective and collaborative team to determine and implement a multiyear strategy.

Complete Condition Assessment

RAM’s comprehensive condition assessment quickly baselined the roof and building envelope performance. Aerial infrared identified moisture hiding in the roofing system. The onsite engineering and diagnostic condition assessment evaluated the roofs, walls, structural systems, and fall protection safety exposures. The final results helped win support and funding for resolving the building’s performance issues.

Engineered Solution

RAM’s engineering team provided detailed engineered design, drawings and specifications for the roof replacement, temporary and permanent fall protection systems, and interior protection. The team also handled bid process management with bid specifications, qualification of bidders, and working with the client to make the best contractor selection.

RAM’s design of temporary fall protection provided a clear path for ensuring safe and efficient production for the roofing contractor. This equated to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to the winning bidder and the Client’s budget.

Design / Building Project Deployment

The client needed a trusted partner to help them stay focused on running a profitable business and to ensure the project’s success. This is where RAM’s Design / Build team took responsibility for the performance and success of the entire project:

  • Installed 1500-lb. Rated-Netting and 6mil Poly Interior Protection Ensured Continued Safe and Reliable Plant Production
  • Installed Temporary Fall Protection to Ensure Contractor Safety During Demolition and Installation
  • Helicopter Lift and Replacement of 45 HVAC Systems on New Curbs
  • Removed Old Roof and Installed New R-22 Built-up with Flood Coat Gravel Roofing System
  • Installed Engineered, OSHA Compliant, Permanent Fall Protection Systems
  • Provided a 15-Year Warranty and Maintenance Inspection Program
  • Project Safely Completed On Time and Budget
  • Plant Maintained 100% Production During the Roof Replacement Project

Energy Savings Cover Project Costs

Sustainability and energy optimization are vital components of success in meeting the client’s corporate mandates. The new roofing system increased the R-value from an R2 to R22. RAM’s energy modeling incorporated the building’s thermal performance, ASHRAE / DOE criteria, and Client climate/energy data to determine that the upgraded roofing systems will save the facility over $18 Million in energy costs over the next 20 years – more than paying for the surveys, design, new roofing system materials/installation, safety and interior protection costs!

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