Structural Assessments

Identify Critical Issues Affecting Your Facility’s Performance


A structure must keep functioning for decades as time and weather take their toll on it. Various factors, including bad weather, inferior materials, sloppy installation and a lack of routine maintenance, can cause roofing and wall failures. The good news is that building systems provide visible and invisible indicators of distress as time passes. Unfortunately, many people ignore these warning signs until the damage is severe and unaffordable. RAM USA is the nationwide partner you can rely on to complete the job correctly and on time. We serve as an extension of your team, offering objective suggestions and feedback.

Visual and Physical Surveys

Our onsite inspections and surveys include the following:

RAM USA’s onsite surveys and physical inspections of your building’s assets, which include testing and diagnostics, are thorough and systematic. As a result, our team identifies issues, assesses their severity and devises solutions using cutting-edge technology. These tools can also guarantee that your asset is not damaged.

Roof Equipment

The roof is not the only component we inspect. Our thorough inspections cover the entire roof and all of its features, which include the following:

We compile our findings into a detailed, high-resolution report that includes the items we inspected with applicable data, such as their locations, quantities and dimensions or measurements, along with supporting visuals.

Handheld Infrared Scans

With handheld infrared scans, RAM USA quickly and easily detects heat loss and moisture issues in roofs and building enclosures. This method is an excellent way to analyze and assess issues like water leaks and hidden moisture areas, which are suitable for mold and mildew growth. Because of our detection of missing, damaged, wet insulation and material, along with quality flaws, you can make the necessary repairs to improve indoor comfort and lower energy costs.


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