Value of RAM USA as your Registered Roof Consultant

RAM USA is an independent roof and enclosure repair, replacement and maintenance consultant, eliminating common failures and extending asset life.

RAM USA’s role as a roofing consultant on your team adds value to roofing projects by providing an independent professional who is responsible for ensuring proper design, bid management, code and standards compliance, safety, contractor prequalification, project monitoring and quality assurance inspections, and ongoing maintenance and survey programs.

Our business model and services are designed to eliminate the most common roof failure modes by ensuring complete and accurate information, proper design and specifications, appropriate materials, proper installation, regular surveys, and maintenance. Our Roof Asset Management Programs set baselines and strategies for saving money and extending the life of your assets. These programs include patent-pending Aerial Infrared Surveys to identify hidden moisture damage and energy losses, boots-on-the-ground surveys with registered roof consultants, 5-year prioritized project recommendations and bankable budgets, online asset management software, and saving money and extending roof life by replacing only those roofs that need to be replaced.

Registered roof and envelope consultants conduct our proper design and engineering services, evaluating thousands of roof systems and configurations to determine the best roofing system options. Our designs eliminate the five failure modes of roofs and ensure that the design considers building needs, client drivers, budgets, durability, performance, and maintenance. We meticulously translate roofing conditions and solutions into drawings and specifications. We also work with clients to ensure that the project’s design integrity aligns with their business goals. We have registered roof/BE consultants, registered roof observers, construction document technicians, professional engineers, architects, level III thermographers, and certified energy managers on our team.

We also offer bid management services such as ensuring apples-to-apples bids, timing bidding to save money, assessing the impact of union vs. non-labor, conducting quality crew interviews to ensure clients get the A, B, or C crew, material and project staging, managing time constraints, fall protection for contractors, and interior protection for personnel and equipment during tear-off and installation.

Code and standards compliance, ensuring compliance with factory mutual fire and wind uplift, local and state codes, client corporate standards for safety and sustainability, energy star goals, landfill vs. recycling, slope and drainage, and energy code compliance for insulation are also part of our services. We also prioritize safety by offering OSHA compliance, fit for work, internal safety training programs, fall protection, and onsite safety issue management. We supervise installations for fall protection and/or contractor fall protection programs during projects. We coordinate interior protection netting and dust containment to ensure safety and productivity.

We perform contractor prequalification by evaluating financial stability, insurance coverage, EMR ratings, successful projects, qualified crews, safety and equipment training, and proper torch vs. cold and equipment training. We also coordinate staging, materials, deliveries, storage, and toolbox talks, serve as a mediator between clients and contractors, conduct daily toolbox talks and safety meetings, document project progress, catch human error and human nature, develop and close out punch lists, and ensure the acquisition of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Finally, we offer ongoing maintenance and survey programs, as well as developing programs to ensure warranty compliance and provide proactive, preventive, and predictive maintenance that can double the life of a roof. Our roof asset management programs include online management software that allows clients to monitor their roofs’ performance and maintenance requirements.

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