RAM's Aerial Pavement Assessments Have You Covered!

Paving Analysis – Phase I

Our initial consulting /evaluation services will include the following items:Property Assessments - Paving Analysis Phase I
Obtain available historical information from the client.
Plan aerial data collection for optimal time and cost efficiency based on; site utilization, weather, and location.
Compile, backup and organize field data for lab analysis.
Identify pavement distresses to include; Coating Coverage, Longitudinal Cracks, Crack Size, Cracks Fill, Block Cracking, Raveling, and Alligatoring.
Quantify paving surfaces based on the RAM LOC assessment system and the client’s priorities.  The RAM LOC system is based on the nationally recognized Paser Scoring system developed by the Federal government and University of Wisconsin.

Property Assessments - Paving Analysis Phase II

Provide tables of names, locations, score, and ranks along with supporting imagery.

Paving Analysis – Phase II

Linear footage of cracks broken down by measurements.
Pot -hole measurements.
Sepal area measurements.