Inspecting Performance in Hard to Reach Places

In specific cases, RAM USA deploys¬†Drones to perform Infrared Roof Scans. Drones utilize detectors that can see thermal changes at 50 milli Kelvin or greater. They are best used for complex roof systems that are hard to reach. Depending on the location, there may be city ordinances regarding drone flight to follow, so planning before use is critically important. Wind restrictions also have to be taken into consideration, prior to flight. Once wind speed reaches 10 mph, it makes the drone much more difficult to control accurately. Drone infrared can be a safer option than handheld infrared, as you don’t have to worry about personnel on the roof.

  • Rapidly-deployable aerial thermal imaging scans
  • Pinpoint missing, damaged, or wet insulation in hard to reach places
  • Safer than handheld infrared roof scans