Preserving Your Assets Starts with a Prioritized Plan

Our belief is that with so much building information available, the best way to gain an advantage is through understanding. To this, we add a confidence to help you take action that capitalizes on asset preservation potential, and drives long-range performance.

As a RAM USA Client, our breadth of offerings, intellectual capital and consulting / engineering expertise are fully aligned as we carefully create together the best and highest value Solutions Roadmap. One that is continually proactive and responsive to help achieve the ultimate asset performance and ROI you’ve imagined. One that can give you one of the strongest advantages you can have in managing your building assets and the intangibles inside: confidence.

Highlights of Our Prioritized Plans:

  • Programs Customized to Each Client’s Needs
  • Objective Condition Assessments Data
  • Cutting Edge Diagnostics Determine True Condition Baseline
  • Actionable plans based on sound roof asset management practices
  • Condition-based Strategies for Maintenance, Repairs, Restoration and Replacements to Extend Asset Life and Return the Best Value
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Cost Effective, Objective, Reliable and Defensible Budgets
  • 5-10 Year Project Forecasts to reduce or eliminate roof related budget surprises
  • Protection of Your Structures
  • Performance Metrics that track improvements over time
  • Online Asset Management Software – RAM Command