“RAM USA’s Assessment revealed that the roof did not need to be replaced. RAM USA recommended a roof restoration, removed wet roof areas, removed the skylights and designed a structural solution to the skylight replacement. In addition to saving significant capital dollars, RAM USA was able to prevent significant debris that would have been sent to the landfill.”

ABM, the Facility Management Company (case study)

“By utilizing state-of-the-art aerial infrared site survey and virtual roof top inspection, RAM USA was able to recommend areas where roof restorations was possible leading to $8.8 M of cost avoidance…”

Global CPG client (case study)

“RAM’s design and engineering teams developed detailed specifications that helped bring the project in under budget estimates due to “apples-to-apples” bids. The projects were made more complex due to the winter install, elevated roof work, and very tight staging parameters. RAM’s project management and quality control teams covered multiple, simultaneous reroofing and wall restoration projects requiring three full-time supervisors on the roof and inside the plant.”

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer client (case study)

“Only four of the eighteen buildings showed evidence of significant moisture anomalies. Overall, the Aerial Infrared Roof Moisture Scans and the Visual Roof Surveys indicated that the various roof systems on most of the buildings were in fair condition, and have the ability to provide additional service life. In many cases, the roof systems could be expected to provide 8-10 years or more of additional service life.”

School District client (case study)

“RAM’s energy modeling incorporated the building’s thermal performance, ASHRAE / DOE criteria, and Client climate/energy data to determine that the upgraded roofing systems will save the facility over $18 Million in energy costs over the next 20 years…more than paying for the surveys, design, new roofing system materials/installation, safety and interior protection costs!”

Manufacturing Facility client (case study)

“…Proper Bid Management helped project come in under budget thus, saving money -bids came in lower due to better specifications and a tighter bidding process. Approximately 25%…”

AON Center (case study)


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