The Right Solution + The Right Timing = Best Value

RAM USA utilizes state of the art tech to TEST the system and determine the REAL AGE of a roof. A poorly designed and/or installed roof could show significant signs of aging in just a few years, while a well-built and maintained roof could be in its midlife at the 30 year mark!

RAM USA wants to SAVE your roofs! Even old roofs with leaks may not be an entire loss. Through diagnostic evaluations, RAM will identify the failed components, for replacement, and strengthen the weaker components for increased value.

For the sake of clarity in the conversation regarding roofs, (since the word maintenance can have a variety of meanings) let’s consider the word “maintenance” (the M in CbM) to mean a “roof repair”. This could be a major roof repair, restoration, or replacement. Basically, anything outside the realm of minor repairs, or what is typically included in routine (semi-annual) roof inspections/surveys. These types of roof inspections are usually required for warranty compliance, and are many times referred to as “routine maintenance”, not “repairs”. RAM USA absolutely recommends these inspections, as they are our basis for the diagnostics, visual/physical surveys, and testing involved in determining the condition and resulting recommendations for roofs. In fact, that describes the initial stage of our Asset Management Programs, which are designed around 3 phases: Information, Implementation, and Continuation.

Armed with the intelligence gained through our process we can truly use the principles of CbM, and make “The Right Repair at The Right Time providing The Best Value” for our clients. Additionally, we tend to think of our programs as an investment in a thorough, proactive plan, rather than an expense. The return on this investment can be sizable. Would you spend 1% of your roof cost to achieve 50-100% more value? These services more than pay for themselves, over time. So we feel that facility owners/managers can’t afford NOT to use our CbM based Roof Asset Management Programs.