Accurate Bids on the Widest Array of Options

Following the award of RAM’s design and engineering services, our team can assist with or be responsible for the bid process administration, construction administration, and quality assurance inspection activities including but not limited to:

Bid Management

Strategic Bid Management can save 10-30%!

RAM USA ensures that “apples-to-apples” bids are received with the following services:

  • Helping to Find Good Contractors
  • Reviewing contractor qualifications
  • Conducting pre-bid meeting
  • Issuing Addenda, drawings
  • Bid analysis focusing on Project costs and Overall Value
  • Making Award Recommendations

Contract Management

No matter how extensive the survey or how applicable the specifications and drawings, the success of the project is largely dependent on the execution by the contractor. RAM’s collaborative approach with our client and the contractors ensures that everyone succeeds.

Our contract monitoring services include the following:

  • Conducting Preconstruction Conference
  • Review Shop Drawings
  • Review Permits and Licensing
  • Review of Insurance Coverage and Bonding
  • Review of Warranties
  • Development and/or Approval of Design Changes
  • Reviewing and Approving Contractor’s Invoices and Final Release of Retainage
  • Project Closeout, Documentation and Securement of Warranties
  • Recommendations for Preventive Maintenance Programs